The Official Website of Author Marselo Cadillo

The Official Website of Author Marselo Cadillo

A Special Message From Marselo Cadillo

Thank you for visiting my website. The release of my book has come at the perfect time of the season. If you or someone you know enjoys going to the casinos this is the perfect book Hot Slots: A Book of Rules for Winners will be the perfect stocking stuffer for you or that loved one. This is a book they will not want to get rid of. This book is meant to be carried with you when you go to the casinos and will make your trips to the casino more enjoyable. If you want to view a special preview of the book please click on the link below.

Marselo Cadillo Publishes His First Book

Hot Slots Now Available on

Hot Slots: A book of Rules for Winners is a book that will excite those who love to play slot machines. This is a short story of how Marselo "Lucky" Cadillo began his journey into the exciting and sometimes dangerous adventures of slot machines.

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Hot Slots: A Book of Rules For Winners Now Available At and


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